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Services & Fees

Lisa Ruane's services are our of network.  You will be provided an invoice for therapeutic sessions for your own records or to submit to your insurance company if eligible for reimbursement.   All sessions are available in person or virtually.  

Initial Intake 

This is an initial session for any therapies.  This does not include Reiki.  An inital intake is a 75-90 minute session where a complete biopsychosocial is completed and a plan and goals are established for moving forward.


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Deep inner healing where blocked emotions are released and core beliefs are re-framed in order to help one move forward having healthy control and responsibility over their emotions and life.

75-90 minute session - $250.00 

Reiki Healing

Pulling on the Universal Life Force Energy to promote healing from within, Reiki uses the practitioner as a channel for this energy and focuses on the body's own healing properties and abilities.  

60 minute session - $150.00

Psychotherapy Sessions

Traditional talk therapy sessions are offered and provide the space for a clients to identify issues causing emotional distress and provide a safe space to communicate their needs and work towards 

45 minute session - $175.00

60 minute session - $200.00

Heart-Centered Breathwork

The act of conscious, continuous breathing that brings people into an altered state of consciousness that permits several levels of healing to take place physically, emotionally and spiritually.

75-90 minute session - $250.00

TRIM-LIFE Weight Release

Group Hypnotherapy to release unwanted weight for good by getting to the core emotional blocks we causing poor habits and preventing us from having a healthy relationship with food.

Group (6 or more participants): 6 week program, 2 hours/week - $600.00

*Individual sessions can be done and is time-based using the above therapy pricing.

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